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Other Planes (2000)

Ghostly aural illusions, "alchemical" transformations of sound, light, fabric and language. Other Planes was the first of three collaborations (to date) between composer Erik Griswold, artist Sarah Pirrie, and writer Craig Foltz, along with Permanent Transit and The States.

"The tall, lean pianist-composer hovered over narrow stretches of his keyboard and picked and pounded out "Other Planes"...the alchemical transformation of furious, minimal clusters into eerie harmonics and distant half-heard melodies, sudden evocations of gamelan and marimba. American writer Craig Foltz provided text and voice via phone line for the title work, the apocalyptic intoning of the banalities of the everyday...Visual artist Sarah Pirie framed Griswold with treated fabrics pierced by light, echoing the detail of the compositions and the preparation of the piano" - Keith Gallasch, Realtime Arts 47.

Who: Composer-pianist Erik Griswold, Artist Sarah Pirrie, Writer Craig Foltz Photos Sarah Pirrie, Shari Thiel Recording Kim Chalmers
What: Performance and installation.
Where & When:
19 Sep 2001 @ Sydney Opera House, Sydney Spring Festival
24 Nov 2000 @ Rechabite Hall (Melbourne)
31 Aug 2000 @ PATU (University of Adelaide)

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