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Mutant Theatre (2009)
Percussion music of Anthony Pateras

One of Australia's most innovative composers, Anthony Pateras has created his own sound universe - maximalism drowning in minimalism, buoyed by rich orchestration and elastic tempo. Mutant Theatre is a retrospective concert focusing on his works for percussion which were composed specifically for Vanessa Tomlinson (Clocked Out) and Eugene Ughetti (Speak Percussion) and features two new pieces commissioned with assistance from the Ian Potter Foundation especially for this concert.

"provocative, at times utterly beautiful, and compellingly performed throughout." - Resonate Magazine, Steven Hodgson, June 17, 2009

"...a fascinating array of instruments. Plastic water bottles were crumpled and newspapers torn in unison, while swelling tom-toms rolled in waves from one end of the room to the other." - The Age, Jessica Nicholas, June 16, 2009

Mutant Theatre III (2008) - The performer is surrounded by a vast array of timbres, explored through short examinations of micro-sets contained within this.
Transmutations (2002) - At times brutal and unrelenting, as well as spacious and poetic, the piece is a Xenakis-tinged exploration of layered timbral palettes generated from highly physical performance.
Hypnagogics (2005) - Inspired by the 1960s works of Robert Ashley and Alvin Lucier, Hypnagogics was written as a brief study in psychoacoustics for Eugene Ughetti. The performer has 5 sets of incredibly tiny instruments, amplified and thus transformed into something completely alien.
Refractions (2008) - Written in one continuous movement, it is flavoured with some of Pateras' more recent interests in music from Ethiopia and Burundi, combined with Helmut Lachenmann's concept of acoustic musique concrete.

Who: Composer Anthony Pateras Percussionists Vanessa Tomlinson, Eugene Ughetti, Peter Neville, Matthias Schack-Arnott, Nat Grant, Nozomi Omote Video Simon Wearne
What: Percussion music of Anthony Pateras.
When & Where: 13-14 June 2009 @ Melbourne Recital Centre
29 July 2009 @ Queensland Conservatorium

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