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Clocked Out and The Australian Voices present:
Grevilleas of Myall Park
With narration by Jan Baker-Finch and video by Glen Henderson

Clocked Out and The Australian Voices team up to present Grevilleas of Myall Park, an inventive and colourful celebration of Australian Native Fauna.

Taking inspiration from the unique personalites of 18 different varieties of Grevillea, composer Erik Griswold forms motifs on the botanical names Kennedyana, Chrithmifolia, Paradoxa, Sericea, Thelemanniana, to name a few to create quirky, funny, and beautiful portraits of one of Australias beloved native flowers. The Australian Voices are augmented by piano, percussion, narration, and video.

Program details below

Who: Erik Griswold, Vanessa Tomlinson, The Australian Voices, Jan Baker-Finch, Glen Henderson
What: Grevilleas of Myall Park: A collaboration between Clocked Out and The Australian Voices
When & Where: 4 August 2012 @ Ian Hanger Recital Hall; 5 August 2012 @ Ferry Road Studios

Arts Queensland Griffith University