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Sounding Noosa (2017)
An environmental music collaboration with American duo Eco Sono.
84 Pianos (2017)
All the pianos in the Queensland Conservatorium played at once.
8 Hits (2014)
8 new compositions for solo percussionist Vanessa Tomlinson
Early Warning System (2011-present)
Brisbane-based percussion group founded by Michael Askill and Vanessa Tomlinson
"changing the sonic landscape of percussion in Australia."
Fairweather (2013)
A collaboration of composer Erik Griswold, author Rodney Hall, and artist Glen Henderson
exploring the remarkable life, work, and psychology of artist Ian Fairweather.
The Lightness Matrix 3 (2012)
A film collaboration between Glen Henderson and Erik Griswold.
Strange and Sacred Noises (2012)
Early Warning System perform John Luther Adams.
Grevilleas of Myall Park (2012)
A collaboration with The Australian Voices celebrating native flora.
From Small Things Grow (2012)
A collaboration with Topology.
The Cage in Us (2012)
A Festival celebrating the centenary of John Cage's birth.
Prestidigitation (2012)
New collaboration with Adam Simmons.
The Trilling Wire (2010-11)
The best Australian contemporary music ensembles.
Dreams you might not come back from (2011)
New collaboration with Continuum Sax
Wake Up! (2011)
New works & collaborations
After the Kingfisher's Wing (2010)
Music inspired by the poetry of T.S. Eliot
1,000 Gongs (2010)
A celebration of the gong in Western music.
Touch Pause Engage (2010)
Electro-acoustic experiments of David Chesworth and Clocked Out Duo.
Dream Percussion (2009-10)
Found objects, kinetic sculptures; a performance-installation for children.
Amazing Women 1-4 (2006-9)
Innovative music created by women.
The States (2009)
Gospel music, spoken word, exquisite handmade objects.
Myall Park Open Day (2009)
Site-specific collaboration with The Australian Voices.
Mutant Theatre (2009)
Percussion music of Anthony Pateras
Four Places in Queensland (2009)
Music inspired by Queensland landscapes
A Message from Sirius(2009)
Music of Karlheinz Stockhausen
Sounding the Condamine (2009)
Site-specific community music event celebrating the Condamine bell.
Sounding Nudgee (2008)
Site-specific collaborations with Richard Nunns
Goodbye Elvis(2008)
Avant garde and pop culture 1977
All Vinko (2008)
The theatre of Vinko Globokar's music
The Wide Alley (2007-)
Traditional Sichuan music meets the Australian avant garde.
Dream, Spill, Fear, Percussion (2007-8)
Percussion music of Erik Griswold
Sounding Wivenhoe / Sounding the Powerhouse (2007)
Site-specific performances & video installation focussed on Wivenhoe dam. Brisbane Dada (2005)
Dada and Fluxus inspired collaborations.
Permanent Transit (2002)
Video installation, country blues, Death Valley.
Other Planes
Ghostly transformations of sound, light, fabric, language.
Virtuosic Visions 1-2 (2001-2)
Site specific solo performances at Melbourne Museum.
Dada Cabaret - Melbourne (2000)
Dada and Fluxus reenactments alongside original works.