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Pain Avoidance Machine
Pain Avoidance Machine (2015) Listen
Erik Griswold (on Room40)

You are invited inside the piano, exposed to the instrument's raw materiality. Griswold offers an invitation to explore the prepared piano's sound world in detail that reveals an entirely new dimension. Mechanistic motifs and rhythms are layered one atop another to create fragile musical collages.
Time Crystals
Time Crystals (2015) Listen
Clocked Out

Inspired by a 2012 article by Nobel-winning physicist Frank Wilczek about the idea of perpetually moving, multi-dimensional structures, Time Crystals by Brisbane's Clocked Out Duo (Erik Griswold and Vanessa Tomlinson) transmutes the principles of hard science into felt structures of sound. This is Clocked Out's first release on Innova Recordings
Foreign Objects
From Small Things Grow (2012) Listen
Topology and Clocked Out

New compositions by John Babbage, Erik Griswold, Bernard Hoey, and Robert Davidson for saxophone, piano, prepared piano, percussion violin, viola, bass from two of Brisbane's most creative groups.
Foreign Objects
Foreign Objects (2010) Listen
Clocked Out Duo

Limited edition hand-made cases designed by Sharka Bosakova.
absorbing and satisfying...a detailed orchestration of percussive and resonant sounds... - Chris Reid, RealTime Magazine
a kaleidoscopic exploration of timbre, texture and rhythmic interplay... - Janet Mackay, Resonate Magazine
The Wide Alley
The Wide Alley (2010) Listen
Clocked Out with an all-star band of 10 Chinese and Australian musicians

Limited edition hand-made cases designed by Sharka Bosakova.
a meeting of forms across cultures and musical languages...and the music sounds so very good - Keith Gallasch, Realtime Arts
an incredible pastiche of genres, and the breadth of dynamics is astonishing. - Scott Spark, www.abc.net.au
Altona Sketches
Altona Sketches (2004) Listen
Prepared piano and miniature music boxes.

A colorful collage of artful composition. - Igloo Magazine
Griswold time and again pushes the boundaries of the piano... - Gonzo Circus (Belgium)
...nothing short of spectacular. - GAZ-ETA (Poland)
Water Pushes Sand
Water Pushes Sand (2002) Listen
Clocked Out Duo (Erik Griswold & Vanessa Tomlinson)
Prepared piano, percussion, toy instruments.

Experimentalism steeped in tradition, in an appreciation of the multiplicity of voices that the musics of the world have to offer - Brett McCallon, Splendid E-zine (USA)
More than my old piano
More than my old piano (2002) Listen
Prepared piano, melodica, toy piano.

It is not often that a CD in the New Music realm could be happily played at a
children's party, an old style, juke-joint pub, or a small, classical auditorium,
but this is precisely what the Griz has realised here.
- Jonathan Marshall, Earbash (Australia)
Every Night the Same Dream
Every Night the Same Dream (2000) Listen
Clocked Out Duo (Erik Griswold & Vanessa Tomlinson)
Piano and percussion. Original music plus compositions by Graeme Leak and Warren Burt.

a striking and original fusion of minimalist and jazz (and other) impulses
- Keith Gallasch, RealTime (Australia)
Other Planes
Other Planes (2000) Listen
Prepared piano with text by Craig Foltz.

the alchemical transformation of furious, minimal clusters into eerie harmonics and
distant half-heard melodies, sudden evocations of gamelan and marimba.
- Keith Gallasch, RealTime (Australia)